With I+D Cycling, one of the top biomechanic company in Spain.

  • Injury prevention

  • Improved performance

  • Placement of cleats



160€ (Watts Lab members)

Physical condition test

  • Stress tests

  • Lactate test

  • Training zones

  • Maximal lactate steady state, MLSS

  • Optimal weight assessment for strength training (VBT)

Swimming biomechanics

With the help of Mario Cañízares, expert in training and technical advice of swimmers and triathletes.

  • Qualitative analysis of the technique, with filming and error correction proposal.

  • Analysis of the range of joint movement and compensatory work proposal.

  • Multimedia dossier with suggested technical exercises and key points of improvement



140€ (Watts Lab members)

Swimming biomechanics

September 2019